S E R V I C E       P E O P L E     S O L U T I O N S

Why Accurate Staffing 

is the 

Smarter Choice.

Accurate Hiring:
Through a top-notch selection process, candidate performance & retention profiling, client profiling, 
and skill & behavioral testing we hire the right
candidate for your needs instead of simply presenting 
you with a warm body.

Accurate Retention: 
We firmly believe retention to be a result of smarter 
hiring. By doing employee surveys after 30 days, exit
interviews, offering benefits & retention/performance
pay, and doing a coded analysis of turnover, we help
you retain the best people and weed out "poor fits" 

Accurate Safety: 
Each employee is given a detailed overview of 
mandatory safety guidelines, Safety in the Workplace testing (available in Spanish), OSHA compliance training, client specific safety and skills training, and a client-site walk through (when 
approved) all prior to day one.

Let Us Help Your Bottom Line: 
We pay all taxes and insurance (including Worker's Compensation, FICA, State and Local taxes, and IRS withholding). You are no longer obligated for Health 
Care Premiums, Life Insurance Premiums, 
Pension/401(k) plan payments, PTO, or Help Wanted

Our Value to You: 
We promise to bring you the best value by focusing on
the quality fit of the employee to your company. We 
strive to deliver productive, reliable employees with
low turnover. We believe this will bring you less stress 
in the hiring process and allow you more time to 
lead your organization.

SMEI Award Winner

 Todd Kennedy, President

Mr. Kennedy has over 25 years of staffing and recruiting experience in Northeast Ohio to understand what the marketplace demands.  His specialties include Warehouse/Distribution, Manufacturing, Packaging, Clerical, Technical and Professional placements. Mr. Kennedy has won several awards in staffing and business. 


Justin Coulter, Sales Manager


With Mr. Coulters 12 years of sales excellence he has upheld himself and Accurate Staffing’s reputation with merit. He efficiently imparts a superior service to our current and potential clientele and is esteemed for his work ethic and discipline. His character speaks for himself: we are proud to have him as part of the Accurate Staffing family.  




Rachel Murray, Customer Service Manager


Ms. Murray has dedicated herself to over 15 years of customer service satisfaction. Working with people on a personal level is where she thrives. She insures all services are delivered as promised and continuously strives to foster strong and long lasting relationships.